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Sprinkler System Failure Repaired

By April 11, 2021 Problem Solving

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 18 seconds

I was asked to fix a Rainbird sprinkler system that was not doing its thing. The battery was new, the system was pressurized with water. I first looked at the display that had a constant error message. It was not changing as I spun the dial so I knew something was wrong. Prior to searching for an answer on google, I did a few things to understand what is wrong.

  1. I checked the fuse for continuity out of the device. GOOD
  2. I double-checked it with an extension cord that I knew had power. NOT ANY BETTER
  3. I then took my electrical meter and checked the outlet for power. 110 Volts as expected.
  4. Then I checked the terminals in the controller for voltage and NONE.

I ended up in a crowded Home Depot at 2 PM on a Saturday and found one that was not identical but the same name brand. The voltage was close and so was the amperage. $16 and some confusion with the checker about a Home Depot card which I do not own. She seemed to be fixated on that I should have one and shocked that I didn’t. (Must be some sort of amazing incentive to sign folks up)?

Feeling like OJ Simpson I hurdled a few shopping carts and got the hell out of there. Upon my return, I was able to cut off ends and strip the wires, attach them to their terminals and plug the device in and Viola. It even has an indicator LED that says it is working. we programmed it and off I went.


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