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Failed Toilet Tank Seal

By September 8, 2019 Fixing things, Plumbing

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 26 seconds

Failed toilet tank seal

Toilets with separate tanks have a seal that is usually not an issue. In this situation I was called to replace the wax ring because they found water on the floor near the toilet. Naturally I told them to stop using it until I could get there. I bought a new wax ring kit and responded on the weekend to replace it.

As is often the case, I dove right in to replace the wax ring, then paused to evaluate the situation when it did not make sense. I shut off the water and flushed noticing that the tank was loose. The bolts holding the tank were tight. As I manipulated the tank out came the water down the back of the base. I drained the tank and disconnected it (A 2 bolt unit) and the supply line and found the problem.

Fortunately I had a backup tank seal in the toolbox, (what are the odds of that?) I replaced it an off I went. This was obviously  installed in a hurry by someone that did not take the time to line it up correctly.

Moral of the story

Never take the homeowners diagnosis of the problem as gospel. Do your own evaluation and diagnosis. Plan ahead for the other less likely scenarios when at the store shopping for parts.

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