French Door Repair

By July 19, 2018 Doors, Understanding your home

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I have a Peach tree French door that has been troublesome for awhile. Having them out of business has been a pain in the butt. They has some proprietary weatherstripping that is no longer available and the parts are getting harder to find. I had to replace the door lock because my dog was landing on the handle repeatedly and it eventually broke the lock internally.

I turned the handle from 3:00 position to 12:00 position so he had no leverage so It should be fine.

I bought standard weatherstripping and cut off a sliver and it seals well now.

The door faces West. Most recently (in the summer), I noticed it getting harder and harder to lock. The hot weather was my clue.  I noticed that the 3 locking pieces worked perfectly when not engaging with the other half of the door. It had to be weather related or heat related I figured.

I got my flashlight out and sure enough the tight tolerances were not lining up with the receiver sockets on the other door. The operating half of the door needed to be adjusted slightly lower with the adjusting hinges and now it works like it was brand new (20 years ago)

Was it the heat or did it just get out of alignment. Who knows but the slight adjustment of the hinges fixed the problem.

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