Time to Replace Your Roof?

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Rules regarding roof replacement changed recently in Boise Idaho. We used to be allowed 3 roofs now it is 2. In other words adding a second layer of roofing is OK but it it fails then you need to strip the entire roof and start over.

Levco recommends replacing the roof before it starts to leak, however, since there is no prorating the old roof there is no incentive to do it early. We are commonly asked to evaluate a roofs condition and we often provide patching services a few times before replacement is recommended. Living in a usually dry climate allows us the luxury to let a marginal roof be leak free till the big one hits. Trust me, I understand wanting to get your moneys worth. If everything looks good from the street, I rarely give my roof a second thought. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take mush of a leak to cause lots of heartache on the interior. Are your prepared financially to spring for a new roof?


Cedar roofing

Cedar Shingles or Shakes come in many grades and are commonly used because of the affordability and availability in the Northwest. Unfortunately, in our dry climate the natural oils in the wood dry out making them brittle and fail. Not to mention the flammability factor. One common problem is that they last longer than they should. Thirty years plus is not uncommon. In other words, (keep the water out long after they start to look bad) Insurance companies will often give a discount for not having cedar shingles. They have been forbidden in especially fire prone areas.

old cedar roof

Cedar shingles were placed over skip sheeting and (sometimes tar paper) allowed them to dry out. In fact you could easily locate a roof that you could see through from below that still keeps the water out. It was explained to me that the shingles swell up when wet and become waterproof seasonally. I have applied a Chevron Cedar Shingle Oil in the past. I do believe the oil prolonged their life, it is a temporary fix at best. I have also stuffed shingles into missing spaces for another temporary fix.



Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles have become the preferred roofing material in our region and also come in a variety of grades and price points. They have a guarantee for longevity (provided a certified installer does the work) and a great look. They are resistant to wind damage and go on quickly. There are three tab shingles, architectural, & presidential shingles. The classifications indicate thickness and life expectancy.  The underlayment is OSB (Oriented Strand Board) a recycled or re-purposed inexpensive product. Ridges can be vented or not, tall or not, and there is a number of ways to install the valleys as well. Do not underestimate the value of proper attic ventilation, A poorly ventilated attic can easily shorten the life expectancy of a roof.

Tired old shingles

Some basic rules in evaluating your asphalt shingles include curling , missing shingles and missing gravel, and failed roof jacks. Levco advocates a free professional inspection by our roofer which includes a “Boots on The Roof ” inspection complete with photographs for you to review. Insurance companies will cover wind damage repairs and replacement but not a warn out roof. When it is time or when you have a hunch that you might be getting close, let us evaluate your situation for a recommendation on your next roof before you have to suffer the complications involved in a roof leak. Always remember the job is not done correctly until it is flashed correctly. Flashing installation is an art form, just using what was there may doom the project to an early failure. Our roofer thinks like the rain, eats, & breaths flashing. Time and time again new roofs fail the close scrutiny of Dave.


Tired shakes & curled asphalt

NAME THIS PHOTO This photo was taken on 6-24-2011 of a local business. The roof curl is amazing, why is doesn’t leak is unknown. I liked it because there are a number of problem shown in the same shot. The first person that can name the location correctly will receive a free gift. Have fun listing all the things that need attention. Bonus prize for the best list.

There was no winner. It was Smoky Davis on state street, the place was re-roofed March 2013.

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