As with any business testimonials are the life blood for referrals. Levco Care thrives on sharing stories of success. We are good listeners and are sharing stories as they arrive.

Thermocouple With a Button is a Hit

A 20-year in the business Plumber from the Oklahoma City called to discuss the thermoucouple with a button blog. He had not seen anything like it before and did the research to learn more about it. He and I discussed what was going on and decided it was best to replace the water heater because the button was melting off and sitting in the bottom. He had already blown things out and felt there was enough makeup air.

My belief is that there was way too much heat building up beneath the water heater to continue to use it. He had replaced the part and it melted off again. Could the gas valve be emitting too much fuel? Did the orifice enlarge, was the valve failing? Did the conditions in the old unit change to not allow the heat created by the flame to go up and out of the flu?

When evaluating repair VS replace at some point you just need to start over, the down side of a water heater failing and burning the house down is too high. His enthusiastic call reinforced my desire to share knowledge and experience through this medium to make make the world a better place.

Recirculation pump saves the day

Joe, we want to thank you for your expertise, the proper equipment, and knowledge to cure a problem which was pretty aggravating to us.

We moved into our home about two years ago, and really had only one chronic, nagging annoying minor thing. Annoying because we left a house with the same problem, and by “moving upward” in the housing market into a house built to much higher energy standards, well, we just assumed we wouldn’t have the same issue. The issue was the length of time it took to get hot water to virtually every sink and shower in the house. It literally took several minutes every morning…..and throughout the day and evening, to get hot water. In addition to pouring a bunch of water down the drains, just washing our hands after using the facilities meant waiting and waiting to have hot water.

We had talked to the home builder, and to several other people and some other businesses, who pretty much all either had the same problem at their houses and told us to live with it. Or, they suggested replacing a new and high quality water heater with a tankless water heating system, which as you know would be very expensive up front. When I complained about it while visiting with you, you instantly had “a fix” in mind. You brought the little in line heating pump and valve, and installed it in a short time. No lines to cut, no re-routing, no cutting holes in the walls, no getting under the house and communing with any lonely arachnids. Now, the farthest sink or shower from the water heater takes only a few seconds to dispense hot water.

In the scope of things, that was a minor problem, but multiple times daily we were reminded that we were annoyed. The problem is gone, with minimal cost, which we are happy to pay! I would recommend to anyone that they can “hook them up” quickly and reasonably. Thank you again.

Jim and Phyllis 1-17