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Little Kiss, Big Hug & Window Handing

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Hugs & Kisses from Levco Did you ever wonder how to determine what kind of windows you are getting, reading plans can be confusing. Understanding the window handing is handy. Here are my tips and techniques to help you understand the madness behind the secret code. As you may well know, hugs and kisses are not a normal part of remodeling, (but they could be I suppose, hint-hint, wink-wink, say no more, say no more). Just like Jack Black read his love letter to his girl in the cult classic movie Nacho Libre (My alter ego). We remodelers use X’s…

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Why Do An Energy Audit?

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As a remodeling contractor I am often asked to troubleshoot home comfort related problems. I have used this blog platform, specifically the Understanding Your Home partition, to help others figure out their homes and solve all sorts of issues that we come across. Energy efficiency, temperature, and indoor comfort control are big issues here in Idaho, as we have all 4 seasons to contend with. My feeling is that although we enjoy among the lowest energy costs per Kilowatt or BTU in the country, it is nice to hang onto those hard earned dollars for the finer things in life….

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Anatomy of a Window

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Windows come in all shapes and sizes. They essentially let light in and have glass in them, which allows us to see out, ideally without losing heat. Many of the windows I come across are ruined by settling and/or too many poor paint jobs, you name it. Imagination is the only limiting factor. Prices range from $80 to $2,000, depending upon how specialized they are. Some shops charge for custom sizes, some do not. Like Pizzas, all windows are not alike. In most cases price denotes value. That being said, it is often too hard to tell the difference and…

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Skylights & Solar Tubes

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During the process of remodeling we often encounter an opportunity to install skylights and solar tubes. The obvious advantage is to allow natural light into the home. A less obvious benefit is energy free interior lighting. In the not so distant past all roof penetrations had a reputation of leaking. The common wisdom was that a dark room is better than a leaky roof. The good news is that technology has progressed with timeĀ  so leaks are a thing of the past, In fact one of the products we use boasts about leak proof skylights. Skylight: A generic term for…

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Egress Windows

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As a remodeler in Boise, I am often asked to discuss the possibility of adding Egress windows to existing basements. I realized that the term is foreign to many folks. What is an egress window? Egress Windows areĀ  those that meet or exceed a rigid set of dimensions and details that allow save exit in case of emergency. In an area where most contractors will reluctantly take a stab at putting one in for you, Levco boast and brags about installing them. The primary issue is safety, secondary benefits include increased property value by adding natural light, and adding another…

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