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More winter blues, the ceiling is falling!

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I got called by a property management company to urgently evaluate a second story apartment that had a leaking ceiling, and likely falling in. The first time pregnant woman was worried about her health and rightfully so. Upon arrival I found a snow covered roof at a low slope. It was 6:00 PM,  36 degrees and raining slightly. I went upstairs and walked into a wall of humidity, I saw that the windows were sweating and they were baking and making spaghetti. The walls were dripping a bit especially up near the ceiling. There was some discoloration on the semigloss…

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What is a Foundation Vent?

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Foundation vents are a common device found in most forms of residential construction. They are a necessity but usually obscured by mature shrubbery and are never accentuated. In fact, you could have lived in your home for over 50 years and have never noticed them. What are they? Foundation vents are rectangular metal vents situated in the stem wall just above the dirt line on the exterior around the perimeter of home. They are often operable with a little lever that causes a hinged flap inside your crawlspace to operate. Just  (Pull to shut), and Vice versa. Foundation vents are…

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Why Do An Energy Audit?

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As a remodeling contractor I am often asked to troubleshoot home comfort related problems. I have used this blog platform, specifically the Understanding Your Home partition, to help others figure out their homes and solve all sorts of issues that we come across. Energy efficiency, temperature, and indoor comfort control are big issues here in Idaho, as we have all 4 seasons to contend with. My feeling is that although we enjoy among the lowest energy costs per Kilowatt or BTU in the country, it is nice to hang onto those hard earned dollars for the finer things in life….

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Spring Time Made it to Boise

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During a brief few hours the other day, I could have  sworn it was spring. There was a real sense of warmth and I could feel the heat radiating on my face. I even caught a whiff of a floral scent from the favorite fruit bearing plum tree that I parked next to. I was able to admire a few daffodils and the forsythia was a brilliant yellow too. It got me thinking about living in a place that experiences all four seasons. Honestly, it seems like winters and summers dominate our part of the country, but growing up in…

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Where is My Heat Going?

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For years now I have noticed an interesting phenomenon that I am not sure anyone else notices. It has to do with recognizing roof patterns in the winter. This is clear evidence that heat is escaping through your roof. Head down the block and check out your roof and compare it to your neighbors place. Of course there are a myriad of issues that could be contributing to the results you find, but this is a telling sign. If your roof is the bare one when others have snow or frost, despite having a similar pitch, you could be losing…

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Fall checklist of To-Do’s

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Although we remodel here in Boise Idaho and we do not really offer these services, I would like to get the word out to “Show that we care.” about you and your home. Planning for cold weather is a good thing to do. I especially like getting these things done during our brief Indian Summer. The list may seem long but taking care of the items isn’t so bad. I believe we all do some form of looking at these things subconsciously; the checklist form may help those that grow accustom to seeing things out of place. As an idea,…

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