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Roof replacement problems

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As a part of our work requests we take care of homes that have been inspected for the purposes of resale. In the majority of these homes, we have found that when a roof replacement has been done that the ducts have been left disconnected. The ducts we are talking about are the solar tubes, exhaust ventilation from bathrooms and kitchens as well as dryer vents. Whats the big deal Q: Why are ducts out of the home installed in the first place. A: To vent warm humid air out of the home. Ever heard of the “M” word (Mold)?…

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What Does Hail Damage Do to a Roof?

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Here in the Treasure Valley Idaho we had a big hail storm September 5th 2013. It came in from South West and clobbered the North West end of the valley hard, especially Eagle, Idaho. Roofers all over the region started licking their lips and scouting out the areas worst hit. As soon as spring arrived, the insurance claims started rolling in for roof replacement. Why you ask should hail damage warrant a roof replacement? I got an education from a major claims adjustor, Mr. Mark Kim from Farmers Insurance, an expert in the field for this sort of catastrophe. We…

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Anatomy of a Roof

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When we talk about roofs it is important to identify the type of roof correctly. Here are the six basic types it is important to grasp that these are architectural styles, so not all steep roofs are Mansard. Many homes have slight variations on these themes and some have several shapes on separate out buildings. Levco has dealt with everything except a Gambrel to date, but  we are only a phone call away from that. Recently we were faced with a faulty shed roof that seemed to fail in the middle as a result of folks setting asphalt shingles on…

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Time to Replace Your Roof?

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Rules regarding roof replacement changed recently in Boise Idaho. We used to be allowed 3 roofs now it is 2. In other words adding a second layer of roofing is OK but it it fails then you need to strip the entire roof and start over. Levco recommends replacing the roof before it starts to leak, however, since there is no prorating the old roof there is no incentive to do it early. We are commonly asked to evaluate a roofs condition and we often provide patching services a few times before replacement is recommended. Living in a usually dry…

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Repairing a Chimney

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I had noticed that my chimney was in disrepair several years ago and had meant to repair it some perfect weekend. It all came to fruition Saturday, The weather was cooperating and my son and I  had time to point the existing bricks. Plus my wife was out of town. As luck would have it , she returned just as the boys started the repair project. I suppose she is getting used to our daredevil antics and didn’t have me explain why I was risking our son’s life. I was shocked when I touched the 4 bricks on the Southwest…

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