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What makes a toilet work?

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Since the evolution of the outhouse and the gravitational hole in the ground toilet, first world countries have staved off disease in the last century by creating domestic plumbing and municipal sewage systems. One of my early fond memories of toilets is the Loo nicked named “Baby Loo” at my boy scout camp. A two seater box set over a hole that we used to sprinkle ashes on to keep the flies down. Later in life I built a collapsible hunting toilet for visiting Wisconsinites hence the cheese head. Although much progress has been made in composting toilets and incinerating…

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Tell Me Where It Hurts

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Come share a cup of Joe with Joe at Contractor Café Anyone who knows me well, knows that I enjoy a good cup of Joe.  I also have a bunch of useful knowledge about all things related to homes and remodeling that I am more than willing to share. To put things together, (much like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups did with great success,) I will be setting up sessions at various coffee shops around town. I will be starting on Saturdays to meet with folks in a relaxed, no obligation, no sales pitch atmosphere for 30 minute time slots. Would…

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Spring Time Made it to Boise

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During a brief few hours the other day, I could have  sworn it was spring. There was a real sense of warmth and I could feel the heat radiating on my face. I even caught a whiff of a floral scent from the favorite fruit bearing plum tree that I parked next to. I was able to admire a few daffodils and the forsythia was a brilliant yellow too. It got me thinking about living in a place that experiences all four seasons. Honestly, it seems like winters and summers dominate our part of the country, but growing up in…

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