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Repairing a Chimney

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I had noticed that my chimney was in disrepair several years ago and had meant to repair it some perfect weekend. It all came to fruition Saturday, The weather was cooperating and my son and I  had time to point the existing bricks. Plus my wife was out of town. As luck would have it , she returned just as the boys started the repair project. I suppose she is getting used to our daredevil antics and didn’t have me explain why I was risking our son’s life. I was shocked when I touched the 4 bricks on the Southwest…

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Shower Tile Problems

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We are starting to see a serious problem as a result of the building boom of the late 80’s and 90’s. Turns out there is no building code restricting the use of water resistant drywall as tile backer for tile. Even today some remodelers and handyman services are sneaking it in to save a few bucks. Best practices dictate using a cementatious or otherwise waterproof product that won’t expand or disintegrate with water contact. What happens is that tile is set on the “Green Board” Sheetrock because it is water resistant. Over time, the grout fails from poor sealing, failed…

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