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Living in a Leaded Home

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There are nearly¬† 15,900 homes here in Boise Idaho that were given the “Completely leaded until proven otherwise” stigma by the EPA RRP rule in April, 2010. Other than becoming older, these homes are not any different than they ever were. It dawned on me that I live in a leaded home, and that there hasn’t been much discussion about how to live safely in a leaded home. Here are some little known facts that every homeowner of a pre-1978 home should know. First off, lead is a mined mineral, that unlike other minerals which are vital to our bodies,…

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What Does My Insurance Really Cover?

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At Levco working with insurance companies has become a regular thing. Usually, things go well, but occasionally they go very sideways. We have used our vast experiences to share what we have learned. Here is how we handle insurance claims related to a Flood or Fire. In most cases, the insurance company wants to work with everyone and get your home back together quickly. If they omitted something in their bid that is discovered after the fact, it is normally not a problem. The number one issue Levco has had is related to owners having unrealistic expectations of their insurance…

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