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What is Molding

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Moldings, also called trim are wood pieces that have been incorporated into homes to add detail to flat walls and cover up places where gaps have been left between material. They were the carpenters signature much like a plaster texture on a fished wall. There are more trims and moldings than flavors of ice cream. There are multitudes of materials and combinations to create a unique look. From solid wood to finger- jointed and MDF there is something out there to dress up a space in style. In most cases we are remodeling in Boise’s historic areas are matching existing…

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Sound Transmission Reduction

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As a professional remodeler,Levco is asked to fix many kinds of house problems. Over the years this is where much of the challenge and joy comes form for us. Discovering clever ways to solve the problems gives a sense of accomplishment that inspires us to be creative. Here is how we approached and ultimately solved our latest challenge. Where to begin? I began with a definition: Sound is defined as a vibration in an elastic medium, that is, any material (air, water, physical object) that returns to its normal state after being deflected by an outside force such as a…

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