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What Does Hail Damage Do to a Roof?

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Here in the Treasure Valley Idaho we had a big hail storm September 5th 2013. It came in from South West and clobbered the North West end of the valley hard, especially Eagle, Idaho. Roofers all over the region started licking their lips and scouting out the areas worst hit. As soon as spring arrived, the insurance claims started rolling in for roof replacement. Why you ask should hail damage warrant a roof replacement? I got an education from a major claims adjustor, Mr. Mark Kim from Farmers Insurance, an expert in the field for this sort of catastrophe. We…

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What Does My Insurance Really Cover?

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At Levco working with insurance companies has become a regular thing. Usually, things go well, but occasionally they go very sideways. We have used our vast experiences to share what we have learned. Here is how we handle insurance claims related to a Flood or Fire. In most cases, the insurance company wants to work with everyone and get your home back together quickly. If they omitted something in their bid that is discovered after the fact, it is normally not a problem. The number one issue Levco has had is related to owners having unrealistic expectations of their insurance…

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Time to Replace Your Roof?

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Rules regarding roof replacement changed recently in Boise Idaho. We used to be allowed 3 roofs now it is 2. In other words adding a second layer of roofing is OK but it it fails then you need to strip the entire roof and start over. Levco recommends replacing the roof before it starts to leak, however, since there is no prorating the old roof there is no incentive to do it early. We are commonly asked to evaluate a roofs condition and we often provide patching services a few times before replacement is recommended. Living in a usually dry…

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