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Retrofitting Hydronic Heating

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Our client wanted heated floors in their existing home. There was a partial basement and crawl space access. I remembered a system that we have used before that circulates fluid beneath the floor and felt that this would be a good option to offer.  It uses glycol and is separate and detached from the plumbing system. We decided to offer a radiant heated under floor system for a home that had a mixture of hardwood floors and Tile floors. The home already had a forced air system but the idea of warm floors was a big hit. It took 7…

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Flooring underlayment explained

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The layers of the floor are often confused. The terms are used by some interchangeably Underlayment (Goes under the floor but above the sub-floor Sub-Floor (goes on top of the joists) Underlayment Underlayment is a general term for what goes under the part of the floor that you see. It can be made of all sorts of things. The most common underlayment is particle board. Why this stuff is made of saw dust in many cases is beyond me. Underlayment is used beneath sheet goods (Vinyl flooring) it is like a sponge. Bathrooms are a wet rooms, once seepage from…

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Hardwood installation

Hardwood Floors

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This project had original 2 1/4″x 3/4″ tongue and groove #2 Red Oak floors already as the primary flooring in the home. It was easy to weave in the new identical product and refinish the entire place. Josh at Sunrise hardwood floors did the work. Oak flooring like all mother nature things has variability not as much as say a Maple flooring does in color. So if done “RONG” it will stand out like a sore thumb at transitions old to new. Blending and mending The two new additional areas were installed quickly and efficiently after acclimatizing the wood in…

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