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Fixing Concrete Fractures

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According to my concrete contractor John. “There are only two types of concrete, that which is cracked already, and that which has the potential to crack.” Although your slabs may be “cracking up”…it is no laughing matter. Using cement wisely and properly is an art which is learned by experience. Experience is that illusive thing that is earned by making mistakes and learning from them over many years. At Levco, we understand that just because we can, it doesn’t mean we should. So we regularly use our trusted specialty subcontractors to provide our foundations and flat work. Like most men,…

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Residential Foundation Repairs

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Although we are not engineers, we do get involved in repairing structural things quite often. I realized just how often when a potential client, who is an engineer herself, found it difficult to locate a contractor in town that deals with this sort of problem. Her background is in traffic and her office is full of civil engineers, so it was impossible to get a recommendation for a remodeler who knows what to do for a home with issues. Basements are popular here in Boise. Many of the North End homes had them included in the original structure, and others…

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Stucco, Yesterday & Today

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Plaster describes the earliest interior coatings. It is a Greek term meaning to “daub on” and it dates back to 500 BCE. It was not until the invention of Portland Cement that exterior plastering, then called Stucco, was developed that could withstand the elements. A man named Joseph Aspdin, a bricklayer in Leeds, England, invented Portland Cement in his kitchen in 1824, when he cooked a mixture of lime and clay together. He named the product Portland cement because it looked similar to a stone he had seen on the Isle of Portland off the British Coast. What is stucco?…

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Engineering 101

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We, ” Levco” just encountered another situation where the handy man would not be a good fit. Did you ever get the feeling that the (fill in the blank) just didn’t feel strong enough to hold a few folks in the same place. Weird feeling, trust your gut. I recall seeing a video of a post accident reconstruction. A newly constructed balcony had fallen off the second story of a home and killed a few people. I have seen several poorly supported structures in my day but nothing quite like this one. To be truthful a guy could argue that…

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Diagnosing Concrete Problems

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Levco has been  asked to diagnose concrete problems with regularity. Whether it is foundations, slabs, or other, concrete,we are seeing the same issues  consistently.  I have researched the issues and  gathered the information needed to understand the more common ones. We also have extremely knowledgeable resources to assist on the less common issues. First of all there is a clear difference clear between cement and concrete. Cement is the material that is considered the binder that causes concrete to form “Concrete is the hardened version of Cement.” Portland cement also known as a hydraulic cement, is made from mined materials…

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