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Stairs 101

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Stairs have stopped most DIY guys from contemplating remodeling at different altitudes. Fortunately a building code was developed to standardize how steps are made. There is very little room for being creative outside the box when it comes to the basic requirements for stairs. Now the big box home improvement stores carry pre-cut stringers that can let DIY’er go where none has gone before. We see all sorts of stairway variations when remodeling and unless there is danger the inspectors will overlook pre-existing crazy stairways. I received this video of unusual stairs to share. we have stay by the book…

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Engineering 101

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We, ” Levco” just encountered another situation where the handy man would not be a good fit. Did you ever get the feeling that the (fill in the blank) just didn’t feel strong enough to hold a few folks in the same place. Weird feeling, trust your gut. I recall seeing a video of a post accident reconstruction. A newly constructed balcony had fallen off the second story of a home and killed a few people. I have seen several poorly supported structures in my day but nothing quite like this one. To be truthful a guy could argue that…

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What is Molding

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Moldings, also called trim are wood pieces that have been incorporated into homes to add detail to flat walls and cover up places where gaps have been left between material. They were the carpenters signature much like a plaster texture on a fished wall. There are more trims and moldings than flavors of ice cream. There are multitudes of materials and combinations to create a unique look. From solid wood to finger- jointed and MDF there is something out there to dress up a space in style. In most cases we are remodeling in Boise’s historic areas are matching existing…

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Anatomy of a Roof

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When we talk about roofs it is important to identify the type of roof correctly. Here are the six basic types it is important to grasp that these are architectural styles, so not all steep roofs are Mansard. Many homes have slight variations on these themes and some have several shapes on separate out buildings. Levco has dealt with everything except a Gambrel to date, but  we are only a phone call away from that. Recently we were faced with a faulty shed roof that seemed to fail in the middle as a result of folks setting asphalt shingles on…

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Smoke Detectors & CO Detectors

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The new 2009 IRC mandates wired together smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors be placed at the entry of each bedroom and outside the bedrooms in a common hall. This means that if one detector alarms then all of them alarm. When remodeling, there is a mandate to upgrade homes when a permit is pulled. Thankfully there are times when it would be a hardship and/or too complicated or expensive to retrofit the entire home. In some cases battery operated devices are still allowed. Essentially, If there is a crawl space below or an attic above then you are able…

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