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Hard water chemistry

How Hard is Your Water?

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I was recently asked to look into add water softeners for several clients. Having added them before I thought I would explore a bit about what hard water is and why anyone would want to condition it in the first place. Here is what I found Water naturally has elements and minerals in it . Calcium and Magnesium are two of the biggies, there are other but this Calcium is the one that causes hardness. Hard water is what leaves spots on your glass, it makes scratchy clothes, it makes itchy dry skin, it makes you use lots of soap.Soft…

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ultrasonic parts cleaner

To rebuild or not to rebuild a carburetor

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This article is about something that constantly plagues me. As a self proclaimed fix-it guy I thought that once I owned a chain saw and had a sharpening file that I had made it. Next thing you know the gas powered tools for lawn care just started adding up. Next it became a hassle to bring the power tools around to my rental properties, so I kept collecting and before I new it I had a over ten of them. Some cared for better than others. One such neglected tool was a straight Stihl weed eater. I invested in a…

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Flooring underlayment explained

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The layers of the floor are often confused. The terms are used by some interchangeably Underlayment (Goes under the floor but above the sub-floor Sub-Floor (goes on top of the joists) Underlayment Underlayment is a general term for what goes under the part of the floor that you see. It can be made of all sorts of things. The most common underlayment is particle board. Why this stuff is made of saw dust in many cases is beyond me. Underlayment is used beneath sheet goods (Vinyl flooring) it is like a sponge. Bathrooms are a wet rooms, once seepage from…

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Screw on diverter

Shower diverter problems?

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Stump the Plumber This is another in the stump the plumber series. A friend called from out of state, he was visiting family. They had a typical tub shower situation with a single valve so it had to be fairly new. The situation When he turned on the water, the tub started to fill and the water was heating up when he noticed a dribbling out of the shower head. He had not activated the diverter yet and was wondering what the heck could be causing it to happen. Naturally his first thought went to the cartridge but before he…

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Faiucet seat

I can’t turn the HOT water off

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OK, so you own your home and you know that there are some fairly simple systems that work together to keep you warm, safe and sound. Electrical. (If you can keep the smoke in the wires everything works out) HVAC. (Why does the AC only fail on the hot days after hours?) Plumbing. (Sewage goes downhill to a treatment plant, and fresh hot and cold water magically appear with the flip of my hand or twist of the wrist Today we talk about what happens when the water you want to stop from coming out of a faucet, wont stop…

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Sediment in your pipes?

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Stump the plumber Another in the series called Stump the Plumber. Although not a plumber myself, I have plenty of handy man experience but, (My father-in-law Bob is my retired plumber that verifies that everything I say is true.) Sediment can come from a number of sources, I describe it as anything that does not belong in your water pipes. Anything other than water. Typically we see: Sand (from a well) usually Metal flecks (from galvanized pipe systems) the buildup occasionally flakes off just like in a heart attack, stroke ,or Pulmonary embolism. Occasionally other stuff gets into the pipes,…

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grundfus pump

Water recirculating pump problem

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Stump the Plumber This is another installment in the stump the plumber series. The situation I went to look at a kitchen remodeling project and during my evaluation I asked an open question that I always like to explore. “Is there anything else that you would like to discuss, or anything not working?” They responded that they had a plumber install a Grundfos comfort system (recirculating pump with a timer) that was supposed to have hot water at the sink, but it had never worked. I figured that they do fail occasionally but I had never had one not work…

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Stop that noise

What is a Water Hammer

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“No honey, there are not ghosts in our house rattling the pipes.” Much like the “Snow Lion,” my friend’s son was having trouble seeing in the foot hills. “No son,” he said “Snow Line.” In our case, the rattling pipes are being caused by a water hammer. A water hammer is the thumping noise heard when pipes are rattling. It Often occurs when washing machines or dishwashers automatically permit water to flow into them through a rapidly operating electronic valve or solenoid. In some cases, a water hammer is caused by chatter from poorly secured water lines. The vibration can…

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Little Kiss, Big Hug & Window Handing

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Hugs & Kisses from Levco Did you ever wonder how to determine what kind of windows you are getting, reading plans can be confusing. Understanding the window handing is handy. Here are my tips and techniques to help you understand the madness behind the secret code. As you may well know, hugs and kisses are not a normal part of remodeling, (but they could be I suppose, hint-hint, wink-wink, say no more, say no more). Just like Jack Black read his love letter to his girl in the cult classic movie Nacho Libre (My alter ego). We remodelers use X’s…

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Washer Hose

Snookered by a hose

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As a self-proclaimed fix it kind of guy, I do these things separately from my company as a hobby and past time that I enjoy. Nothing makes me sleep better than knowing that everything is working. How dare you not work I had been struggling to repair a washing machine that used to work fine but had recently decided to get hung up prior to going into the spin cycle. I would come back after the cycle should be long completed to find very damp clothes and the machine stuck mid-cycle. I did my due diligence as a man and…

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