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By November 1, 2021 Fixing things, Plumbing

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I recently replaced a Garbage Disposal for a friend and struggled to get the darn thing attached to the collar. Then once installed, I realized that I had not installed the little protective rubber piece that keeps big things from falling in and pieces from shooting out.

I had to remove and reinstall it. Sweating and cursing I decided there had to be a better way. Well, I found one.

I weighed a few and determined that this one was going to last longer and be able to fit into my tool bag easier with less chance of breaking. I improved it by attaching the two parts together so they do not get separated.

Thoughts on Disposals

Disposals are not necessarily the best tool as they grind food and put it in the sewer system. Food debris and everything else that goes into our sewer system must be screened out or digested someplace along the line to get it out of the water that gets cleaned and put back into the river.

Garbage disposals are by nature going to gunk up our pipes and if used improperly, clog things. Using plenty of water up front and behind the grinding is the right way to operate them.

How it Works

Working inside your sink, you hook the curved part inside the disposal, then the flat piece on the surface of the sink bottom. Go under the sink and disassemble things. Next, you can slide the flat part out of the way and lower the disposal to the ground. The same works in reverse. Fantastically simple and easy to use.

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