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By July 30, 2021 Energy, HVAC, Understanding your home

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Too Close for Comfort

I tend to be very observant. I am always on the lookout for a good story. This one got me chuckling.

I went to pump down and disconnect an AC compressor from a home that we were going to do a significant remodel to. I noticed that the unit was quite filthy. A filthy, clogged AC compressor makes me nuts because it decreases efficiency and wastes energy. My HVAC contractor was brushing off lint and got a good laugh.

No Wonder it is so Filthy

We have some cottonwoods in the area and they are easily cleaned with a steady stream of water but this one had a funny twist. Someone had to have known what was going on. Either the AC contractor was an idiot or the dryer got moved to where the AC compressor was located. In any case, it is not wise for the dryer to exhaust the AC compressor for obvious reasons.

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