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As I visited with a client that had lived in their home for 20+years. and wants to live out their lives in the same place. As I walked around looking at the overflowing shopping list of to-do’s, it dawned on me. Rather than me telling them what needed to be done, that a third party would be a better way to express what needed to be done. Sure I can remodel the bathrooms and eliminate some bedroom skylights but for the subjective things IMHO it is not my place to say.

Who is Best  Suited to Give Advice?

As trustworthy as I am, nothing is better than getting 3rd party verification. These guys are professionals with a Clouseau-like approach to finding deficiencies. Trained and Certified,  they get are responsible for continuing education, and their evaluations are vetted before they are sent out.  Are they infallible? no, but they do a fine job. They catch the things that need catching and a little bit more is how I would describe what I expect. Many of their findings are followed with the caveat that a licensed professional should dig deeper into this matter.

I Love our Home Inspection Firm

Except once when I was once the seller, and the report was speculating on an attic detail that confused the inspector, I can not recall double guessing their objective reports. Subjectivity is removed and logical self-help information is included for the curious reader. I am on their preferred vendor list and am proud of it. Once my all-inclusive home preventative maintenance program is instituted I will be their biggest fan.

What do you do with the report once you have it?

This is where the magic happens. I take the report and turn it into gold. First I look at the executive summary of all of the deficiencies, then I go through the meat and potatoes of the report and dig into what they found. As a remodeling contractor with a background in life safety, I have the experience to prioritize the list even further making an executive summary of my own that is prioritized in a way that starts bringing the results into focus.

  1. Big stuff, Life Safety, Urgent
  2. Medium stuff, Need to do soon, Important
  3. Small stuff, Preventative maintenance, Someday

The finale is that I monetize that list all day long. This is a service I have performed for years and have had some very rewarding interactions with clients who wanted to do more than just get the report and file it away TA-DA.

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