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According To The Big Box Store Guy…

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A friend called to tell me that “according to the Home Depot guy” (If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard this) “This pull on and twist for temperature shower valve faucet is illegal now, and must be completely replaced”. He also said the the parts are no longer made. “Bull shit”, I said and directed my buddy to where to buy the parts for $5 to fix it.

Could they have misunderstood The HDG? Perhaps.

If you strip a handle usually the stem is still OK and a trip to the local hardware store will net you a suitable replacement. If the stem is stripped, they even make generic after market ones. My advice is get a new stem when ever possible, your last resort is to just replace the faucet entirely.

What Did He Mean?

What he was trying to say is that they do not sell multi handle faucets for temperature control valves in showers any more. That is because all faucets must be temperature balanced. If you are old enough to remember when the toilet flushed you would get scalded. That does not happen anymore.  It does not mean you have to replace your old one, you can still fix them.

Same Thing Goes for Toilets

High water use toilets are no longer made. You can still keep your oldie but goodie and fix it repeatedly.

Bless The HDG”S of This World

If it were not for these guys, many of them retired or used to be in the business, they mean well, are often misunderstood and are never IMHO out to maliciously mix you up. Like anyone they are doing the best that they can and by in large do a great job. I use them to direct me to the area I need. My advice is that if you get a gut feeling that you are not getting the right information to get a second opinion from another sales associate, team member, or whatever the catch phrase is for the day.

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