The Leaky Faucet Gets the New Parts

By June 27, 2020 Plumbing, Problem Solving

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Cartridge replacement

I have been surprised at how often new things don’t work like we expect them to. As a remodeling contractor our plumbers install lots of faucets. In a recent project we had two of them start to leak within a few months of installation at the kitchen sink.

Warranty Anyone?

As a warranty item this is not big deal in the big picture. That we buy from a reputable wholesale supply house makes it so much easier to resolve.

With a phone call we had parts shipped to us no argument or issue. I replaced the parts myself as a nice way of showing that I care and viola.

Touch-less solenoid

I have no idea if his is even possible at a big box store and I hope I never have to deal with it.

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