Joist Hangers Use & Misuse

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Joist hangers have been around for around about 59 years, they were developed by Simpson Strongtie for a friend who was looking for a way to secure some boards in a more structurally sound way. Now days there are all kinds for them for all sorts of purposes.

There are many things that are intuitive like how to use a saw which reminds me of a joke.

The logger and the Salesman

A guy was logging on his land using an old crosscut saw to fell trees. A salesman suggested he would love the new chain saw so he left it at the mans house for him to try. Upon returning a week later he asked the logger with anticipation if he loved the chain saw.

No it was heavy and hard to use he said. I tried it but I just couldn’t get it to cut anything. Next the salesman grabbed the rope pull and started it up. “WOAH” the logger said, whats that noise?

Upside down


Similarly, we see some pretty strange stuff. This is what we found when demolishing an old garage recently.

Question,? What’s wrong with this picture?

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