Braided Steel Water Heater Supply Lines

By October 26, 2019 Plumbing

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Yes this is my truck…

As a contractor I get into all sorts of things. It’s like the saying on the shirt.

Recently I was called to attend to an emergency, the homeowner had contacted her friend and realtor who happened to have me on speed dial. They were watching water spray our of her braided steel supply line. “The home warranty people can’t get a plumber our here for days”. (Worthless insurance IMHO) I dropped everything and headed out.

Damsel in distress

Yes, you had a 50-50 chance, it was the hot water side. To no ones surprise both of the gals were spun up watching the house fill up. When I arrived 8 minutes later there was duct tape and rags piled around the leak. A wet dry vac humming and there was what I describe as a tizzy going on. Naturally they were happy to see me. (I secretly love it when that happens)

No Shut Off Valve

hose failure

No shutoff valve on the water heater. Not smart, they were pointing to an area under the house where they thought that the shut off to the house was. Naturally in an inaccessible area. WHY would anyone put it there? I went to the meter and shut off water to the home. (Utilities prefer that we do not do this but it was an emergency)! Everything calmed down and I made a B-line to the supply house for some new copper supply lines. It was my hope that the place would be dried up and less cluttered upon my return.

Intuitive Things Often Aren’t

Many thing fit into this category in life, this one is a biggie. Braided steel hot water supply lines should not be sold or used. They fail before the water heater which makes them junk and a recipe for a flood. This is not the first failure I have responded to nor the last i imagine. I asked the supply house “Why do you sell these darn things?” Because people buy them. They seem easier to install and they are probably a few cents cheaper than the copper or stainless steel ones. Where is the liability people.

If you have them or know someone who does have braided steel water lines on their water heater get rid of them ASAP.

Postscript. I got my parts reimbursed and a jar of Jam in payment. Another good deed under the belt.

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