Adding a Remote For a Hunter Ceiling Fan

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Hunter Fan 59244

We completed a remodeling project that included 3 OFCI ceiling fans with remotes. Sadly, in all the confusion remotes were tossed and naturally so were the controllers. This was unacceptable, so I ordered up the devices and controllers.

The Hunter Fan company was cooperative and sent the devices I needed along with some instructions that were lacking. So in the event something occurs I can refer to my own cheat sheet.

Here is their video

To Make the Remotes Work

For fan control: model 99123

  1. Turn power on,
  2. Hit the center fan off button and the fan 3 (High) button simultaneously.
  3. This gives control over the fan 3 speeds and lights on and off at full brightness.

For light control: (Not mentioned in video)

  1. Turn power on,
  2. Hit the fan off button then the light button two times.
  3. This allows you to dim the lights with the remote.

We have LED bulbs in and it is working fine now.

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