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Sewage Ejector Pump Problem

By March 2, 2019 Plumbing

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Pump float I used

I installed a sewage ejector pump in a home I remodeled for myself 15 years ago. I needed it to evacuate the basement water from the laundry and a 3/4 bath. It worked fine for all that time, then it started acting up. It was staying on and not shutting off like it should. It was getting stuck on.

By the time I took the cover off everything was OK. I discovered a failed float. Changing the pump would have been far more expensive. ($375.00 ish) wholesale.

I ended up lifting the pump our to make sure it was free spinning. and I attached a new float ($60 ish) that did the job but I had a difficult time getting the pump to work again. It sounded good but it wasn’t pumping. Oy! as mom would say, do I need to replace the pump too?

Air Locked

I studied the problem and thought it might be air locked, so I called my F I L (Father In Law) Bob the retired plumber, “I suppose it could be, but I have never heard of that happening” he said.

There was no hole in the 2″ exhaust leg that should have been there according to the manufacturer. I had already put everything back together and did not want to open it up again to put a recommended 3/16″ hole about 4″ up from the bottom.

Instead I opened up and air gap in the Fernco rubber clamp above the pit and plugged the pump in. In a second the air was burped out and we were back in business. I tightened up the clamp and we were back working like a champ again.

Dirty Jobs

This can be a nasty job. Fortunately, I came across a clean well and pump having been used for a shower most recently. Use gloves and be prepared for nasty.

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