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Figuring Out a Three Way Switch

By October 24, 2018 Electrical

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 38 seconds

Three way switches used to frighten me, they seemed so complicated. I found a great residential electrical book and redrew the diagram several times until I thought I had it figured out. Inevitably, I ended up not trusting myself and randomly switching wires around until I got it, or at least I though I did. Then I found an electrician that showed me how the big boys do it. Here is what I do now.

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Assume it is Wired Wrong

A great book

Start from Scratch

  1. With the power off = Take all the wires off of both sides
  2. Turn the power on = Find the one wire that has power and mark it
  3. Turn the power off = Wrap the wires together with the hot lead you just found
  4. Turn the power on =  Locate the not hot wire (The two travelers will be hot) at the other switch and mark it
  5. Turn the power off = On one switch, put the hot wire on the unique screw on the other put the marked wire on the unique screw. Put the other wires on the screws and install the switches in the walls.
  6. Turn the power on and you’re done

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