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Glow Igniter Failure

By March 4, 2018 Fixing things, HVAC

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 38 seconds

I was called to fix a gas fired forced air furnace the other day. It was one I was familiar with. This one is on its side in the crawl space. Not the ugliest situation, at least it was dry, had light, and was free of major obstacles or creepy crawlers.

Upon discovering that it had power I removed the covers and depressed the door switch to watch the cycle.

Faulty Glow Igniter

  1. First the induction fan came on
  2. Next the glow igniter came on. WOOPS, no glow then the cut off.
  3. Then I examined the glow igniter and saw it was discolored.
  4. I turned off the power unplugged it and tested it. “OL” on the resistance tester (Open Loop) DRT (Dead Right There) as we used to say in the EMS world.


I went to the store returned with a new one, installed it and viola it worked. I put the thing back together brushed off and got on about my day. Who was that masked man? I don’t know but he left this failed glow igniter.

A 5 minute $38 fix. The coolest thing is that it was a weekend when the supply houses are closed (It would have cost $18 bucks), but I knew that the local hardware store had them on the shelf in the back.


These things are fragile, (Yes I know from experience) and they do not like to be touched by human hands. Like a halogen bulb, they will fail quickly if your oils get on them. Be sure to secure them in place so they do not fall out of position.

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