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By August 27, 2017 Roofing, Trust, Understanding your home

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As a part of our work requests we take care of homes that have been inspected for the purposes of resale. In the majority of these homes, we have found that when a roof replacement has been done that the ducts have been left disconnected.

The ducts we are talking about are the solar tubes, exhaust ventilation from bathrooms and kitchens as well as dryer vents.

Whats the big deal

Solar tube issue

Q: Why are ducts out of the home installed in the first place.

A: To vent warm humid air out of the home. Ever heard of the “M” word (Mold)? This how it happens in an attic.

Background: This avoids mold and mildew that would condense on the under side of the home causing ice in the winter which drips back into the home.

How can you avoid this problem?

That is a toughie. Don’ hire the low bidder is the first thing that comes to mind. Do you really want the roofers up in your attic? Are they able to navigate the space safely without falling through your ceiling? Do they have the tools skills or materials to be messing with your vents? This is a specialty HVAC contractors job, but they are never called to reconnect ducts after a strip and re-roof. To that end I asked my roofer and my roofing supplier for some direction and advice. Jeremy says “There is a huge amount of liability uncured if you don’t do it right”

How we do it here

It can be done correctly from the roof in most cases, If the duct does not have enough give to be reconnected outside of the roof, then an attic visit is the only other option. This the difference between roofers, and why we do it right the first the first time.

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