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Maintenance required

By August 5, 2017 Understanding your home

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Maintenance required

I had a Honda Accord 30 years ago that had a little red indicator on the analog odometer with a manual reset. That was my first car with this innovative reminder. Who knew it would be the launchpad for a new venture 3 decades later.

Idiot Lights are a real thing

I remember a time when if the idiot lights came on, it was too late. An indelible impression was made when my best friend Dave chose to ignore the idiot lights on the dash for the last time. Sadly, the Chevy II Nova motor blew up on the freeway that fateful afternoon.

The light came on

It seems like every car since then has had some sort of reminder system installed. I am fortunate enough to own a car that reminds me that maintenance is required.  It started coming on again based upon a predetermined mileage milestone a few days ago. By flashing a few times each time I start the car it got my attention without screaming at me.

It gave me time to get the components for the service together and set aside some time to do the work. Left unattended, the light would have ultimately stayed on all the time until reset. When I had accomplished the tasks that were outlined, I simply followed a series of steps to reset and restart the mileage counting up again. Had I not had the time or energy or talent to do the service, I would have had this work done by others who would likely look the care over for a safety check. Ignoring the service recommendation was not an option for me as a responsible adult.

LevcoCare was born

Time bomb

It got me to thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if our homes had a similar warning. Not too obnoxious, just enough to get you thinking about your home in the same way we think about our automobiles. Sure, anything could happen along the way but with RPM (Routine Preventative Maintenance) the odds are far less. Once the virtual light is quenched, the program is on a constant vigil to warn us of impending service with a gentile reminder.

The unspoken threat

Avoiding the steps required to keep you home in good shape will leave you open for catastrophic failure. This is why people buy new homes, they imagine that the home is good for a few decades until they have to worry about it. It is also why beautiful old homes and vintage automobiles are still here. Because they got the concept back then.

Routine preventative maintenance

This is the essence and fundamental goal of LevcoCare. Our system sends reminders when it is time to add to the list of things you want us to take care of on our next visit. It also reminds us to schedule a visit to maintain your home and reset the virtual maintenance required light. Simple as that, we partner with you to look after what is likely your most valuable assets.

You do the math

The cost of an oil change and tire rotation $45 – VS engine replacement, $2500. but on a magnitude of 10 for your home.

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