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Fuse failure almost causes fire

By March 4, 2017 Electrical, Energy

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 44 seconds

Fusees are an important link in the safety chain of electrical components of a home. They are designed to fail prior to the wires getting so hot that they melt and or catch other things on fire. Sadly many folks are willing to put too large of a fuse or the wrong rating of a fuse in the line to keep a circuit working.

There are many different looking fuses some look the same but operate differently. The key is to use the appropriate fuse for the job. Just because it fits in the space does not mean that it is the correct one for the job. Naturally circuit breakers go into the same category. If you have a breaker that keeps tripping the last thing you want to do is assume the breaker is too small.

Screw in ones used to be popular now they are still available but folks were able to disable them with a penny so they are no longer up to code. Naturally there have been many adaptations as we have improved technology.



Here is an example of the wrong fuse installed in an Air conditioner that almost caused a fire. It was too large (Too many amps required prior to failing) and it did not have the proper rating for the unit. The Air conditioner finally failed when the fuse got so hot that it broke the continuity, but it could have been much worse.

Always verify that you are installing the correct fuse or breaker

My recommendation is to look up the proper style and amperage for the mechanical unit you are protecting. This is where a store with knowledgeable staff beats out a big box store every time.

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