More winter blues, the ceiling is falling!

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Eagle roof

I got called by a property management company to urgently evaluate a second story apartment that had a leaking ceiling, and likely falling in. The first time pregnant woman was worried about her health and rightfully so.

Upon arrival I found a snow covered roof at a low slope. It was 6:00 PM,  36 degrees and raining slightly. I went upstairs and walked into a wall of humidity, I saw that the windows were sweating and they were baking and making spaghetti.

The walls were dripping a bit especially up near the ceiling. There was some discoloration on the semigloss paint. I absorbed the situation and was able to quickly make a differential diagnosis.

What was going on?

Ice Dam

Ice Dam

Up near the ceilings on the walls is the least insulation. The cold was coming in and the warm moist air was condensing on the walls and windows. I got some cleaning spray and a cloth and cleaned it right up easily.

The fear was that it was an ice dam situation. Thankfully it was not.

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