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How cold is it?

By January 21, 2017 Basements, Safe Practices
window winter

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window winter

window winter

Its so cold I saw a dog stuck to a tree. Just kidding, but it did freeze a vinyl window shut. Egress windows are giving a false sense of security if they don’t open when they need to.

To say the least it has been a hell of a winter. I am exhausted and frustrated with it. One of my residents just informed me that it took an hour with a hair dryer to thaw the darn thing. He used WD-40 to lube it up and we will see if it works.

Heed this warning

Check your egress windows for ability to operate! Not only that, but we need to be getting some fresh air in the home during the winter anyway.

Like taking your car to the car wash and having your doors freeze close to your windows can do the same thing.

I guess that if you really needed to get out, say the flames were licking your butt that you would find a way out but still, it is worth a quick evaluation to assure yourself that you are OK in an emergency.

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