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To rebuild or not to rebuild a carburetor

By August 28, 2016 Fixing things
ultrasonic parts cleaner

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 50 seconds

ultrasonic parts cleaner

Ultrasonic parts cleaner

This article is about something that constantly plagues me. As a self proclaimed fix-it guy I thought that once I owned a chain saw and had a sharpening file that I had made it.

Next thing you know the gas powered tools for lawn care just started adding up. Next it became a hassle to bring the power tools around to my rental properties, so I kept collecting and before I new it I had a over ten of them. Some cared for better than others. One such neglected tool was a straight Stihl weed eater.

I invested in a ultrasonic parts cleaner thinking that I could clean the darn thing out, add a $10 carburetor kit and be back in business. I must have taken it apart and soaked it a dozen times to no avail.

That is when I decided to replace it and $35 later, when I attached it I got it going again with one pull. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. I was back in business, she was purring like a kitten.

To rebuild or not?

sthil trmmer

Sthil trimmer

My feeling is that “If at first you don’t succeed then try again. If on the second time it still doesn’t work replace it!” Why continue to beat your head against the wall?

Event the small engine shop I take things to occasionally can’t always get things working and give a similar approach to replacement. If the decision to repair or replace is a financial one, then order a new carburetor makes even more sense. It costs more to have it rebuilt than replaced.

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