Can I Just Cancel My DIY Channels?

By March 22, 2015 Process, Understanding your home

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During a visit to a potential clients home, the recently retired husband asked me privately, “Hey, Joe can a guy selectively cancel just the DIY (Do It Yourself) TV channels?” I about snorted, good thing I wasn’t drinking milk at the time.

The rise of the reality show

The Diy network

The Diy network

Turns out the golf channel is his favorite. (Where it is summer all the time). His wife was leading me around the home pointing out one project she had in mind, after another. (Ala Mike Holmes) as he was cringing in the background.

Although her ideas were sound, we had difficulty settling on a budget that they wanted to afford. Maybe next year.

D-I-Y, Schmey-I-why?

This led me to talk about what I call The DIY Syndrome. “Have you looked at what the worker crews are wearing? I said, “T-shirts and shorts when the project is started, and coats when they’re done”.

Most projects last a few seasons.

I brought up the hilarious conversation over a beer later in the week with a friend, “Watch the trees” he said, “Yeah, the trees are bare when the project started and turning yellow at the end or worse, two seasons”. What seems like it took a half hour show in TV time often takes months in real life.

This all came into focus when I replaced a radiator with my son in his car. He cleverly set up his phone to record the process with time-lapse photography to film it. What a hoot.

The inspiration to remodel your home may come from anywhere

I need a bigger nest

I gonna need a bigger nest

Creative people are always looking for ways to improve their living spaces. Blaming TV shows is not fair. The only thing they are guilty of is setting unrealistic expectations both financially (If you want professionals to do the work) and time wise, (because it is never mentioned).

In the vacuum they create, I have to be the one that spells out the real world implications of remodeling homes for people.

The reality show I know

  • Most projects are more complicated than they are portrayed
  • All projects are more expensive than they are portrayed because they NEVER count sweat equity.
  • All projects take time to dry and have been essentially “Time-Lapsed” or condensed to eliminate the boring parts.
  • Blocking the DIY channels, although thought provoking, is not going to stop folks from wanting to improve their nests.

Where do we go from here?

Debbie Downer

SNL Debbie Downer

At the risk of becoming another Debbie Downer, remodeling is a bit more complicated than the shows share with you. The great news is that I love remodeling, so does my team! Making peoples living spaces great is a huge thrill for us.

Would you rather have a contractor that talks in terms of wishy-washy or one that gives you straight talk? Here is a window into our remodeling reality.

This is Levco’s reality show

  1. First we talk in Opinion of Cost until we have your attention
  2. We invite you to our cloud-based Client Communication Portal
  3. We talk in Design until it is finalized
  4. We then talk in material selections until we have them chosen
  5. We talk in Description of work until it is finalized
  6. We talk in Contract Amount and timelines until the Remodeling Agreement is signed
  7. We talk in schedules while the work is being done
  8. We talk in milestones based upon progress
  9. We talk in Finish Line at the end
  10. Finally, we talk in warranty until the cows come home.

The Levco DIT Channel

The great part is that we strive to remodel your home for you, and with you, not to you. No, it is not a unique relationship, but it does require your participation in order to set the stage for success. We have been receiving rave reviews on how it is working, and would like to get you involved. Perhaps we can start the DIT or (Do It Together Channel).

Bonus Round Questions

  1. Who can share a hilarious DIY story with me?
  2. Share a personal DIY story that illustrates my point.

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