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Formica with a metal edge

There are several big names in the laminates used for countertops, Formica, Wilsonart, and Nevermar are the ones I come in contact most frequently, Others in the market are Arborite, & Pionite. Unfortunately, the word laminate has become synonymous with flooring, which makes conversations about materials very confusing at times.

For years you had only two choices for counter tops, Like Kleenex, Formica became a household word for the stuff on your countertops if you didn’t have tile.

Formica was initially discovered as a substitute “for Mica” as an insulation for wiring. It became a viable material for counter tops after WW II.  Granite and other stone materials were exclusively for the rich and famous.

Lots of Options

Formica was used for back splashes too, often with an aluminum edge. As granite became more affordable and solid surfaces materials like quartz and Corian became commercially available, a countertop revolution occurred.

We see laminate being used in laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and mud rooms.

New materials are becoming available all the time. Concrete and paper-stone are two very trendy materials. Let’s not forget butcher block, quartz, and even recycled glass. Bamboo has come on strong as a viable option. All are topics for future posts.

We like to offer laminate tops with different edge treatments, like an exposed hardwood self-edge that provides a very contemporary look.

I have 16 year old Formica countertops in my kitchen and they are in fantastic shape.

So what do you do when your old, tired, marred Formica/laminate tops are ready to be refreshed?

Formica Countertop Options

  1. Recover the old with new
  2. Replace what you have with new.
  3. Switch counter-tops all together to a different material.

The one thing Levco won’t do is put new high end expensive countertops on tired old cabinets.

Optional beveled edge detail

Things to Remember:

  • You don’t want to use laminate countertops as a cutting surface. Even small scratches will become permanent.
  • Wetting hot items on a laminate countertop will discolor and possibly break the bond to the subsurface.
  • Sheets are fairly large but if seams are required they should be away from wet areas if possible.
  • Cleaning is easy with soap or spray cleaners and water.
  • Sealing is unnecessary (although if you have an exposed hardwood edge, a polyurethane coating is advised).

Laminate tools

We have teamed up with an expert in the field that has been doing our laminate installations for years. From commercial applications like banks to the standard kitchens and baths, we have done and seen it all. The cool thing is that it is very affordable. If your Formica / Laminate tops are tired and you want to start your kitchen or bathroom makeover with a simple affordable facelift, give us a call for an in home evaluation.

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  • Deanna Jones says:

    The house that I moved into has laminate countertops, so I need to lean how to take care of them. I have a habit of using my counter space as a cutting board, so avoiding cutting on my counter seems like an important tip for me to know. Now that I’m aware of that important tip I can make sure that it will stay looking nice. Thanks for the tips!

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