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Little Tricks I Have Learned

By December 24, 2011 Understanding your home

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Tips for the Home

There are many of life’s little lessons that have been learned along the way. Here are a few in the Understanding Your Home category to make living in your home easier.


  • Put some anti oxidizing grease on the bottom of light bulbs and on the threads will make them easier to remove when they burn out.
  • Always buy an extra few bulbs to keep on hand.
  • LED bulbs do save boo-Koo energy.
  • Update the electrical panel labeling when things get updated or changed around.
  • Do not attempt to replace a 3 way light switch unless you know what you are doing.
  • Always replace fuses with the same one. (provided that they were sized correctly to begin with)
  • If an appliance is flipping the circuit breaker have it investigated and repair the problem. Putting a larger breaker in is never the right solution.

WD 40


  • keeping a log of paint colors as well as sheen so when it is time to repaint the colors are readily available.


  • Use braided steel lines for your refrigerator supply line, They don’t dry out and crack over time.
  • Replace your washing machine supply lines every 10 years or so.
  • Use copper supply lines for your water heater, the braided steel ones fail often.
  • Test the main water shut off in the home from tie to time just to make sure it really works when you need it.
  • Fix leaky faucets, they waste more water than you think.
  • Add a ball valve water shut off to water using devices like the water heater, the Ice maker just in case you need to work on them without turning off the entire system.
  • Run water through the garbage disposal prior to turning it on then for a few moments after it is done grinding to help the debris on it’s merry way.


  • Fire In The Hole

    Know where your utility shut offs are, and how to use them.

  • WD 40 although a good lubricant is not the answer to all things that squeak and groan. Have an assortment of lubricants on hand. Graphite for locks. Oil can for some things. Grease for others.
  • Silicone caulking works best when wiped up using some soap on a finger.
  • Place candles on a noncombustible surface away form curtains and other flammable things.
  • Keep your barbeque away from your home, flare ups are fairly common.


  • Change your air filters in your HVAC system as frequently as needed, when they get clogged they are totally infective.
  • Running the fan year round keeps your indoor air quality better and evens out the temperature of your home.
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