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Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 46 seconds

Stairs have stopped most DIY guys from contemplating remodeling at different altitudes. Fortunately a building code was developed to standardize how steps are made. There is very little room for being creative outside the box when it comes to the basic requirements for stairs.

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Oak Stairs

Now the big box home improvement stores carry pre-cut stringers that can let DIY’er go where none has gone before. We see all sorts of stairway variations when remodeling and unless there is danger the inspectors will overlook pre-existing crazy stairways.

I received this video of unusual stairs to share. we have stay by the book whenever possible, so there is some wiggle room when it comes to existing conditions like head room for instance. Here is the 2009 IRC code for stairs

One of the key ingredients of an approved stairway is the railings and balusters or spindles that create a balustrade.

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Curved Concrete Stairs


We have worked with all sorts of materials from hardwood to cement. Curved, multiple landings, angled, curved railings, you name it. The joy is in creating a stairway that fits the need.

Who knew that such a simple thing that is usually taken for granted, could be so challenging to make great. Coincidentally we learned that although this curved stair is aesthetically pleasing and is traveled easily in the dark and with your eyes closed. The code is very specific, our landing requirements are not met. The transition needs to be 3′ absolutely at inspection time! Rather than ask for an exemption or special waiver, a temporary landing was constructed to meet code and later removed to suit the client.

If you know of anyone that has a dangerous stairway situation in need of rebuild or are afraid of moving forward with a project because of a complex stairway situation please give Levco a call. On a side note we do ramps and have a strong grounding knowledge of the aging in place population’s needs so we we welcome those that need friendlier stairs in their home.

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