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Trim & Moldings

Moldings, also called trim are wood pieces that have been incorporated into homes to add detail to flat walls and cover up places where gaps have been left between material. They were the carpenters signature much like a plaster texture on a fished wall.

There are more trims and moldings than flavors of ice cream. There are multitudes of materials and combinations to create a unique look. From solid wood to finger- jointed and MDF there is something out there to dress up a space in style. In most cases we are remodeling in Boise’s historic areas are matching existing materials. Levco occasionally get to add materials that may have been there or do what is necessary to harmonize with an existing material. In rare cases when something cant be found we can have our own custom trim created. Craftsman style is based upon a look that was common at the turn of the century and is not a hard and fast thing. The key is simple, heavy door headers and no more than 3 pieces.

Here is a partial list of common molding terms from the bottom of a wall up.

Shoe Molding: A quarter round piece often placed in front of baseboard. with hardwood floors this piece can be removed during refinishing to get the sander to the edges. It also hides short hardwood pieces.

Chair Rail Molding: A molding the t circles the room at the altitude of a chair back, often used to protect a wall and occasionally to change colors.

Picture Molding: A molding usually placed at the top of doorways and windows that circles the walls to hand pictures in days gone by.

Shadow Molding: A molding the circles the room usually within 1/2″ if the ceiling used to provide a small shadow and tale the eye away from an irregular ceiling.

Crown Molding: A molding that is more commonly used that is set at an angle in the corner of wall to ceiling. These can be quite ornate.

Craftsman casing and picture molding

In one case we saw   in a hallway and noticed it was not in the main living room. We added some at a constant altitude regardless of the random window and door casing heights and it tied the room together.

Craftsman casing



In another case we added craftsman style casings and window moldings to the new addition and came back 2 years later and updated the original part of the home to tie the two together.

No matter the style or type we can assist in restoring the original look or creating a new one with clever finish carpentry that fits the look you want to achieve.

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