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Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 11 seconds

4′ x 4′ non operable

During the process of remodeling we often encounter an opportunity to install skylights and solar tubes. The obvious advantage is to allow natural light into the home. A less obvious benefit is energy free interior lighting.

In the not so distant past all roof penetrations had a reputation of leaking. The common wisdom was that a dark room is better than a leaky roof. The good news is that technology has progressed with timeĀ  so leaks are a thing of the past, In fact one of the products we use boasts about leak proof skylights.


A generic term for a window placed in the roof of a structure designed to let natural light in. They have many upgradable options including opening, shades, vents, and remote control motors that close automatically when it senses rain. We also have a good time finding ways to prevent skylights from becoming a light shaft. By this I mean, framing the opening in the interior to allow the light to spread out in the home.

2 10″ solar tubes in a hall

Solar Tube:

A generic term for a circular light shaft cut into the roof that collects light from outdoors and allows it to pass through a reflective shaft. The Solar Tube intensifies the light, often broadcast through a lens or diffuser. Options include a light in the shaft, different diffusers, dimers and sizes from 10″ – 16″ diameter.

The industry has also kept up with ever increasing consumer demand for insulated units to prevent heat loss. Our most popular solar tube is as energy efficient as a high performance window.


As with anything, proper installation is the key. We do the deconstruction and framing and interior trim. Then each installation is followed up with our roofer to button it up. The only negative feedback we have received consistently with solar tubes has been about being too bright.

A client was concerned that a 10″ Tube in a bathroom was going to be too bright for her husband who is prone to headaches… Turns out it is one of his favorite features of the bathroom. There is a period of getting used to the light and within a week most clients are pleased with the results.


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