“From cupola to crawl space, and everything inside the setbacks, we have you covered.”

Levco Care Plans


Home Inspection

A comprehensive exam review to past history and come up with a Game Plan

$400 Minimum

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Catch Up

Based on need and budget, we prioritize work over a scheduled period of time to fix problems with your home

$50 Service Call
Plus Minimum 4 hours of Work

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Pro Active

We go through your website bucket list of maintenance issues and transition from “Catch-up” to “Think Ahead” mode.

$150 Bi-Annually

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Why is comprehensive property care the way to go?

roofLevco Care is in the business of helping folks enjoy their homes, having them last longer, and avoid deferred maintenance.

We specialize in getting a handle on what your home needs to get to then stay in great shape.

We prevent disasters and keep the cost of home ownership down.

  1. First we have a third party investigate the home which quickly establishes a baseline for the home.
  2. Then we evaluate the report and prioritize it.
  3. We establish prices for doing the required work.
  4. We make a schedule to accomplish the list on a realistic timeline
  5. We work off the list until it is complete then transition you into proactive care.

We save you time and money

Once you are on the program we invite you to our exclusive Client portal where all of your home’s information is kept.